Chavez: 'Capitalism needs to go down' Chavez: 'Capitalism needs to go down'... That what Chavez must have to die, no way he can beat the evilest Capitalism, because less evil must 盤纏銀兩have no way to win evil doer, only good better best man who can see the point of view like I do and understand what I am talking about, can have the ability to win the evil doers. Anyone do 金瓜石民宿es not score Chinese said "Show.Sheng. 7.Job" points, cannot be good better best leader as national head. The world can have hope only when China gets that good better best leader showing up on stage.Liar must be abusive, abusive must be liar 九份民宿, therefore, illegal Chavez is just the liar like USA liar illegal President Bill Clinton and 0bama too stupid bad ugly evil to see the evilest Capitalism is not USA but Mainland China that Chavez obviously lack of guts to shake that evil Chinese gan 清境g a bit. There's no way you can make Mainland China to give USA a fastest unclear to go away, because they hate USA too much to let it go, they hate USA tearing down Berling Wall, they hate USA made USSR gone with wind, therefore, they opened their gate to show USA no matter you stupid b 汽車美容ad ugly USA like to play evil Capitalism or back to wild wild west Barbarian future, they can win it all, you don't nuclear anyone of them, your entire world just have no chance to get any good night sleep like real natural animals can. Because after China Communist opened the gate, they already lost the 洗車control to shut it up, and USA too evil to see the good point of jailed themself in, therefore, results both side comptete tearing the world wide slavery pie, no one can be allowed get away at self. You need to nuclear one of them or both of them, nuclear USA is a more reasonable choice, because US military force can have 鍍膜the mankind love to make sure the nuclear indeed throughly. Mainland China too hard to make nuclear complete clean, and if you do the nuclear not throughly, you have to suffer more than you did to them. This may explain how come USA more deserve to be nucleared in the emergency than China Communist -" Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Unconst 翻譯社itutional...Unanimous ruling..." Communist may be lawless Godless, yet they must care righteous, therefore, you must have no way to make China Communist to set righteousness aside to gang along with evil American politicians. It is a war, evil American politicians cold cold hard (evil selfish worse than real animals, human form cold cold 婚禮顧問 hard worse than real animals must be uncurable, rather die sooner than later), China Communist cold cold calm (Unselfishness must have something links to love to make them rather die to lie ) rather die than lie. How could I know? I sensed that heartlessness. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 膠原蛋白  .
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