Military you have the duty to provide every man in your place fire arms free of charge Because in your country, you allow civilians to have the right to make cement(You must see your cement missed quantity more serious than bullets.) , you must have the duty to let every one includ 買屋e the kids can have the right to use fire arms to help anyone to have the fastest shot to leave "Sheng.Boot.Rule.4" unhuman standing like trees.I woke up from the message I got from holy ghost tha 土地買賣t telling me that JunShiauLin and his links (like his sister in law) use Honduras(There's a big mansion building in Tegucigalpa on the way from my house to American School, you need either to bomb it like USA twin 宜蘭民宿tower pieced away or you must send strong military force to kill every one that working inside there or forced to live like trees but without trees luck to see day light. Honduras must ban anyone to have any way to get cement to build anyth 宜蘭民宿ing, they must use wood to make simple house only. You don't have enough wood to build house, you must not allow anyone to have any more birth.) specially isolated household style to use cement to make real human trees inside their constructed and controlled bui 永慶房屋ldings to force them to give away their ID(Therefore, you need suspect current Hillary Clinton and every rich and famous who own big large secret accounts must be likely phony. Man and woman, do not be greedy, in this world, we can only have the freedom to do good things, "Way.Fool.Boot. 房屋買賣Ren" is a serious crime, do not seek rich and famous name.) for their slaves to take over every thing of them. JungShiauLin and his sister in law in Honduras must not be the first one to have this evil deeds, there must be more already made in Taiwan, in Mainland China, in Africa, in Middle East, in eve G2000rywhere they ever had the place to use cement to make contruction, especially those hi-rise must have had the underground deep lawful rule to cover up their crimes.Law Makers demand your military offer fire arms to every one who likes to use it to kill their love and their hate, and demand all construction related materials 澎湖民宿and duty must under your government and military strictly control, management, spied and watched. You are public servants, you are military force members, you must do your duty to make sure EVERY 0ne(Therefore, you must record your every citizen ID correctly, you must make sure every death correctly match your civilian owned jail body, you don't 土地買賣need to know who kill your civilian, you must absolute make sure that dead body indeed the real body that jailed your civilian's soul.) in you place live or die freely, otherwise, you must have had to face yourself "Sheng.Boot.Rule.4" crimes.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .
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